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Wooden Bearings? Come On!

No foolin'. Wood.

Since 1906, Woodex has produced a bearing material from rock maple, impregnated with petrolatum wax. This highly-durable material is used extensively in wet and dry screw and roll conveying machinery, frequently in agricultural service. When the inevitable sand or grit invades the journal interface, a wood bearing compresses, absorbing the pollutant into its surface, and covering it with a film of oil. The very substance which typically destroys shafts becomes a benign part of the bearing! The wood releases lubricant when the shaft begins to spin and the journal interface heats; when the shaft stops and the journal cools, the natural capillary action of the wood retrieves the lubricant. Woodex bearings are thus permanently lubricated. Woodex manufactures direct replacement parts for Arguto® and Pobco oil-impregnated wood bearings.

Woodex screw conveyor hanger bearings are available in Conveying Equipment Manufacturing Association standard sizes from 1" through 3 7/16", and custom models are made for virtually any shaft diameter. Woodex manufactures the ONLY split screw conveyor hanger bearings with a true bore (they're split BEFORE they're bored). We invite inquiries on our 800 line, by email, or surface mail.

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